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Posted by on Aug 4, 2015 in Blog |

LAFCO: Luxury Skincare and Fragrances for the Home

The LAFCO luxury fragrances for the home was founded by former lawyer and body care enthusiast Jon Bresler over 20 years ago. Today, the company has refined their processes to offer some of the finest fragrance and botanical skincare products available in the market. The House & Home Collection showcases the company’s passion for fragrance, design, and elegance. Their unique artisanal collections has positioned LAFCO as tastemakers of truly authentic luxury items and fragrances. The body care products are authentically luxurious, made with the finest, most natural ingredients that please both modern connoisseurs and amateurs alike. LAFCO honors the history of the European apothecary, adding a current aesthetic that results in products that are not only elegant in tradition but truly distinct. Combining tradition with innovation are core to LAFCO’s philosophy of unique luxury articles and fragrances for the home and skin care products that are truly enchanting....

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Posted by on Jun 16, 2015 in Blog |

Hudson in June

Summer has arrived, and with it, Hudson is reeling in riches. This month is abuzz with art openings and musical events, besides the world-class antiquing, shopping and dining that Warren Street is famous for. This is the highest season of the region’s most vibrant cultural center. You won’t want to miss June in Hudson. This coming weekend the Pride Parade will take place on June 20th (visit their website for details). There will be food, entertainment, parties and lots more. Most businesses on Warren have decorated their windows for the event, including us. Then for Father’s Day, on Sunday June 21st, check out the fabulous line Scottish Fine Soaps. They make incredibly luxurious grooming products for men. We carry shaving soaps and creams, razors and brushes, kits and best of all, starter and travel kits that are so refined and elegant, they’re sure to make him feel truly special and appreciated. So take a stroll down Warren Street, there’s so much to do, and be sure to stop by...

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Posted by on May 28, 2015 in Blog |

The Hudson Valley and the City of Hudson

In a state where the focus of the world is drawn to the massive metropolis bearing its name, the rest of New York is often forgotten as a vacation destination. But 120 miles north of the metropolis lies the very cool, very walkable, riverside town of Hudson. Perhaps the most beautiful region east of the Rockies, the Hudson Valley opens up in a broad sweep of natural wonder from the Bronx up to Albany. From Hudson (35 miles south of Albany) you can see the river, the Catskill mountains and the Berkshires. You’re two hours from New York City, two and a half hours from Boston and you can get here by Amtrak or via the Thruway (exit 21); or the beautiful, winding Taconic State Parkway east of the river. For even a seasoned traveler, the Hudson Valley will not disappoint; and Hudson is often called “the downtown of upstate”. Hudson’s Warren Street seems like an avenue in a hip part of Brooklyn. 18 Galleries and 51 antique stores...

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Posted by on May 7, 2015 in Blog |

Make Mom Feel Appreciated this Mother’s Day

Make Mom feel extra-special this Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 10) – make it the best one she’s ever had! You may not remember everything your Mom did for you growing up but that’s because it was so much. From nursing you when you got a fever to sitting through your recitals, Mom was a master at multi-tasking. She’s been making sure you were on the road to becoming the person you are today since the day she met you. Make her feel special, send your Mom to a salon for the royal treatment. Here at Casa Urbana, we’ll make it a great day. Choose from our full line of salon services–haircut, skin care, manicure and pedicure–all available at our center at 525 Warren Street in Hudson. We also carry top quality lines of fragrances, skin care, soaps and candles for Mom to choose from: Rancé Fragrances: A beautifully packaged and elegant line with a history dating back to Napoleon. Santa Maria Novella: We’ve got fragrances, potpourri, candles, and lotions....

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Posted by on Apr 15, 2015 in Blog, hair coloring |

Why Professionals and Clients Love Pureology

The right hair-coloring product is not only healthier to use, but hair will look more lustrous and feel softer. Not only do over the counter products have harsh chemicals that are absorbed and toxic to the system, but they also strip hair leaving it dull, weak and brittle. Many clients are careful about getting their hair colored by a professional using top-quality products, but neglect their color between salon visits. The products you use to wash and rinse and style your hair are just as important. Harsh chemicals in many store bought shampoos and conditioners can rob you of that just-left-the-salon look you love so much. Pureology is a salon haircare brand made especially for professional hair colorists and their clients. The shampoos have no sulfates and are made with an anti-fade complex to help color-treated hair maintain its vibrancy, even after many uses. Because caring for your color-treated hair shouldn’t stop when you leave the Salon. Here’s what Pureology products can do for your hair: Hydrate Strengthen Volumize...

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